August, 2022 – Issue No. II


From 01.10.2022 – E-invoicing extended to taxpayers having aggregate turnover exceeding Rs. 10 Crores

Clarification issued by CBIC on certain services such as :

  • Whether sale of land after levelling, laying down of drainage lines etc., is taxable under GST – No GST for sale of land.
  • Situations in which corporate recipients are liable to pay GST on renting of motor vehicles designed to carry passengers – GST to be paid on RCM basis.
  • Whether hiring of vehicles by firms for transportation of their employees to and from work is exempt  transport of passengers by non-air conditioned contract carriage – Yes. However, contract carriage hired for a period of time, during which it is at the disposal of the service recipient and the recipient is is free to decide route and schedule is not exempt.

Clarification regarding GST rates & classification (goods) based on the recommendations of the 47th GST Council meeting issued.

Clarification regarding GST applicability on liquidated damages, compensation and penalty arising out of breach of contract or other provisions of law.

CBDT notifies conditions for exemption to money received for Covid aid money.

Validity of Status Holder Certificates issued in the FY 2015-16 and 2016-17 under the provisions of FTP 2015-20 has been extended upto 30.09.2022.

The Indian Tax Advisors