July, 2023 – Issue No. IV


Amnesty Scheme for filing of various returns is now available till 31.8.2023.

Clarifications relating to the following issues are issued [cbic.gov.in].
a) Taxability of services provided by an office of an organisation in one State to the office of that organisation in another State, both being distinct persons.
b) E-invoice.
c) Refund.
d) Taxability of shares held in a subsidiary company by the holding company.
e) TCS liability under Sec 52 of the CGST Act, 2017 in case of multiple E-commerce Operators in one transaction
f) Difference in Input Tax Credit (ITC) availed in FORM GSTR-3B as compared to that detailed in FORM GSTR-2A for the period 01.04.2019 to 31.12.2021.
g) Charging of interest under section 50(3) of the CGST Act, 2017, in cases of wrong availment of IGST credit and reversal thereof.


Advance Authorization Scheme under the Foreign Trade Policy allows duty-free import of inputs for export purposes. The eligibility of inputs is determined by Sector-specific Norms Committees based on input-output norms. To make the norms fixation process more efficient, the DGFT has created a user-friendly and searchable database of Ad-hoc Norms fixed in the previous years. These norms can be used by any exporter without requiring a Norms Committee review as outlined in the Foreign Trade Policy 2023. The database is hosted on the DGFT Website (https://dgft.gov.in) and allows users to search using Export or Import Item Description, Technical Characteristics, or Indian Tariff Classification ITC (HS) codes [File No. 01/02/24/AM-24/EG&TF dated 17.7.2023].

The Indian Tax Advisors