March, 2023 – Issue No. I


A. GSTN has on boarded four new IRPs (Invoice Reporting Portals) for reporting e-invoices in addition to NIC-IRP.

B. Functionality for geocoding the principal place of business address (i.e. the process of converting an address or description of a location into geographic coordinates) is now available on the GST Portal. he address location and verification process. This functionality can be accessed under the Services/Registration tab in the FO portal.

One time relaxation is granted in submission of additional fee to cover excess duty utilized in EPCG authorizations issued under Foreign Trade Policy (2009-14) (extended upto 31.03.2015).

Due to migration of MCA21 portal from Version 2 to Version 3.0, Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has decided vide General Circular 05/2023 to allow further additional time till 31.03.2023 for filing of 45 forms launched on 23rd January 2023 without additional fees, to the stakeholders.

The Indian Tax Advisors