October, 2021 – Issue No. I

Important Rate Changes:
  1. CGST on specified medicines used in COVID-19 exempted up to 31.12.2021.
  2. Renewable energy devices and parts for their manufacture – 12% GST.
  3. Specified Railway Industry machineries – CH – 8601 to 8608 – 18% GST.
  4. Packaging Industry – Specified products such as cartons, boxes; articles of paper and paperboard – 18%.
  5. Waste/Scrap Industry – Waste, Parings and Scrap, of Plastics – 18%.
  6. Carbonated Beverages of Fruit Drink or Carbonated Beverages with Fruit Juice – 28%.
  7. Mining Industry – Different types of Ores and Concentrates – 18%
  8. Pen Industry – 18%
  9. Printing Industry – CH – 4906 to 4911 – Specified Articles – 18%.
  10. Fortified Rice Kernel (Premix) supply for Integrated Child Development Services or similar scheme – 5% GST.
  11. GST exemption on transport of goods by vessel and air from India to outside India is extended upto 30.09.2022.
  12. Services by way of job work in relation to manufacture of alcoholic liquor for human consumption – 18%.
  13. Temporary or permanent transfer or permitting the use or enjoyment of Intellectual Property (IP) right. – 18%
  14. Supply of essential oils – peppermint and other mints – reverse charge applicable when supplier is unregistered person.
BCD exempted on COVID-19 vaccines till 31.12.2021.
Levy of ADD on import of “Flat rolled product of steel, plated or coated with alloy of Aluminium and Zinc” from People’s Republic of China, Vietnam and Republic of Korea – suspended till 30.01.2022.
Levy of ADD on import of “High -Speed Steel of Non-Cobalt Grade” from Brazil, China and Germany – suspended till 30.01.2022.
Levy of ADD on import of “Straight Length Bars and Rods of Alloy Steel‟ from China – suspended till 30.01.2022.
Levy of ADD on import of “Colour coated/pre-painted flat products of alloy or non-alloy steel‟ from China  and EU – extended upto 31.03.2022.
Anti-dumping duty imposed on imports of “Glazed/Unglazed Porcelain/Vitrified tiles in polished or unpolished finish with less than 3% water absorption” from China PR upto 28.02.2022.
Levy of CVD on import of “Certain Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Flat Products” from China – suspended till 30.01.2022.
Sea Cargo Manifest and Transhipment Regulations, 2018 – transitional provisions extended upto 31.12.2022.
RoSCTL and RoDTEP Scheme – Advisory issued.

The existing Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020 is extended upto 31.03.2022.

Validity of the existing Hand Book of Procedures, 2015-20 is extended upto 31.03.2022.


Submission of Cost Audit Report to the Board of Directors – time extended till 31.10.2021.

The Indian Tax Advisors