What We Do

General Counsel
Crisis Management
General Counsel

Healthy enterprises proactively seek legal counsel and invite periodical compliance audits. Identifying problem areas and taking remedial measures are crucial steps for obtaining long-term goals. We focus on identifying such problem areas and providing viable advice and solutions that mitigate legal risks and lessen the impact of regulatory bottlenecks.

Crisis Management

In a landscape of regulatory red-tapes and complex laws, the possibility of legal violations, both minor and serious, is high. In such situations, we focus on mounting a strong line of defense which is actionable and effective.


The first step to establishing an efficient enterprise is to successfully complete the incorporation process. This involves a multitude of legal requirements. During this process, to seek legal counsel is not only prudent but also a necessity. We help such new enterprises right from the get-go, from registration to legal recognition.

Our services

The following are our services relating to taxation and other allied laws.

  • Assistance in obtaining registration under various laws.
  • Advice on Government policies and implementation strategies.
  • Strategizing for tax compliance – classification, valuation, rate of supply, exemptions, input tax credit, reverse charge mechanism, job work, anti-profiteering and refunds.
  • Counsel on import/export/customs procedures.
  • Advice on structuring joint ventures, JDAs, and other collaborative relationships.
  • Advice on formation of sister entities and subsidiaries.
  • Counsel for day-to-day and emergency matters.
  • Audits and compliance checks.
  • Litigation management in Tribunals, High Courts and Supreme Courts.
  • Review of tax strategies.
  • Preparation for audit by various Govt Agencies.

Our Clients

  • Textile Manufacturing Industries
  • Construction and Infrastructure companies
  • Retail/service industries
  • Automobile and allied industries
  • MSMEs
  • Startups
  • Educational Institutions
  • Shipping and other logistics/transportation companies
  • Technology companies
  • Iron and Steel industries
  • Government Undertakings and Authorities.
  • Trade Associations.

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